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Christ Church is a family of Christians. This does not mean we think we’re


It does mean that we’re trying to do our best to live as Jesus asks us to.


One of the most important things we do is worship God. We thank God

for all the good things in life, and pray to God about the difficult things.

Our choir and worship group help us to worship. Their music is really



Because we love God, and think the world of Jesus, we want to tell other

people about our faith. This is called evangelism. We go out into the

Christ Church parish (a parish is an area a church is called to serve) and meet  people. We ask them if they have anything they’d like us to pray about. We arrange special services where new people can decide to follow Jesus themselves. We’ve written our own course ‘One to One’  so that people can find out more about God and Jesus.


Jesus said the most important thing is love. So it’s really important that we care for one another. A lot of this ‘just happens’. But we also organise our caring: our Pastoral Team draws alongside people in need, to offer support.


Our loving is not just confined to Cheltenham. Christ Church works with Mission Partners looking to put the love of God into practice in other countries.

We have partners in Afghanistan, Rwanda and Uganda. We paid for the building of a new church in India.

Another important part of our mission is care for the poor. Several people at Christ Church are involved with Christians Against Poverty, which looks to help people out of chronic debt. We support the local Food Bank and our vicar is the chair of Cheltenham Borough Council’s Homelessness Forum. We also give regularly to charities which work both in the UK and overseas with those in different types of need.


Following Jesus is a way of life we love, so we look to hand it on to children and young people. Our Sunday crèche cares for pre-school children. Scramblers is our Sunday group for infant age children – they love learning in their own way: playing, singing, and making. For children of junior age we have Explorers on a Sunday, while young people in Key Stage 3 attend Pathfinders. We also have Rainbows, Brownies and Guides.


At the other end of the age spectrum Christ Church seeks to care for elderly people. Our fortnightly Friendship Club is very popular. If someone wants to, they could spend most of Wednesday with us. They could come to our coffee morning, attend a communion service, drink some more coffee, have a delicious lunch, listen to an interesting speaker, have tea and cake, and head home! Some people would love to come to church, but can’t now because of age. A team from Christ Church takes them holy communion at home.


Christ Church is quite a big family. At the last count there are 460 of us! No-one can know that many people. So we organise smaller groups called Home Groups. A typical home group would have around 10 people in it. They meet to read the Bible together, pray for each other, and support each other.


We love to think that our doors are wide open to anyone who wants to come. So an important part of our work is to welcome people who come for baptism, weddings and funerals. These are called the ‘occasional offices’. We think they’re really important, because they’re a way in which we get to know people who aren’t yet part of Christ Church. We hope they (and you!) come to join us.

 Rev Simon Heron

Tel: 01242  515983

Email: Here

Our Team:
Barbara Lucas    &       Sarah O'Meara

Church Wardens

Readers Team

Andrew Judge

Licensed Reader

Angela Smith

Licensed Reader

Weddings Administrator

Amanda Thiselton

Licensed Reader

David Laszlo

Licensed Reader

Rev Mike Sanders rt

 Chair of PCC


Martin Chapman

Chair of Fabric

Anna Laszlo

YCW Leader

Admin Team
Rev Julia Hook
Cherie Skidmore

Parish Centre Administrator


Virginia Mullen
Christ Church

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Due to the CoronaVirus outbreak the Church and Complex are now closed until further notice.

If you have to contact in a real emergency please contact the

Rev Simon Heron 01242 515983 [email]


or one of the Church wardens

Barbara  07912345056 [email]

The Pastoral Care Team are also available.

Tina on 01242 512246

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