Happiness Lab. Would you like to be happier? Is it possible to make yourself happier? 
Happiness is the Holy Grail of contemporary culture because our mood influences everything we do. Happiness Lab will explore what psychologists, doctors and faith leaders say will make people happier. The experts suggest that 50% of our maximum happiness is decided by our genetics and character, 10% is circumstantial, influenced by special events or moments in life. Therefore there is 40% which the experts suggest can be affected by techniques and practices which we can learn!!  

Over the weeks we will look at ‘Focussing on gratitude and savouring’, ‘Practising acts of kindness’, ‘Learning to forgive’, ‘Investing in friends and family’ and ‘Developing coping strategies’. Come and join us and explore how you can become more happier!!! 

Starting January 9th for 5weeks

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