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Phil Whitefield ran the

Cheltenham Half Marathon 29th Sept'

you can still donate and support here.


Philip Whitefield will be running in the Cheltenham Half Marathon in aid of Christian Aid’s Syrian refugee project. 6.5 million people have been displaced in Syria, with millions more fleeing into neighbouring Lebanon and Iraq.

The project is match funded on a 6:1 basis by Bread for the World, so that £5,000 raised becomes worth £35,000 to the project.

Donations may be gift aided.

Please pass donations to Phil, or donate online at the Just Giving page:

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Cheltenham Christian Aid group is raising money to help Syrian refugees.

The Syrian conflict has triggered the biggest displacement of people this century.

Half of the population have had to leave their homes.

Now, 6.5 million people are displaced inside Syria, and millions more have fled across borders as refugees most to neighbouring Lebanon and Iraq. 

Christian Aid partners are carrying out a three-year project working in the north of Iraq and the east of Lebanon.

The project will focus on helping children, youth and people with disabilities gain access to the services they need to survive and flourish.

This will be done by providing education, psychosocial support and vocational skills training. 

Please support my fundraising event and contribute towards this goal.

I am running the Cheltenham Half Marathon on Sunday 29 September in aid of this great cause.

JOURNEY THROUGH CONFLICT - Who remembers Maj-Gen Andy Salmon who sang with our worship group a few years ago?

You may have attended one of the Christian Arts Festival events he presented here in Christ Church in 2016/17. 

Marking the 10th Anniversary of British withdrawal from IRAQ, we now have the album of the performance - his stories, Tom Donald's exquisite piano and Nawroz's haunting Kurdish vocals.

CD or download. £10 from Beck or  


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