Want to know more about Christianity?

One to One

One to One...

...is our course aiming to help people to find out more about the Christian faith.


MODULE 1: What’s it all about?

Meeting people where they are, exploring themes common to the human experience,

and beginning a conversation about faith.



  • Getting to know you

Drawing a map of ‘my life so far’ and reflecting on the journey



  • How did I get here?

Opening up a discussion about science and faith:

How did I get here? And what’s it all for?



  • Why do bad things happen?

If the world is made by a good, powerful and loving God,

how come it contains so much suffering?



  • The ‘wow’ factor

Nourishing our sense of wonder at the good stuff...

five things to do before I die...



  • The God-shaped hole. Five ways to well-being

What really matters? Would you say you were happy?



MODULE 2: Meeting Jesus

Finding out more about Jesus, by looking at people whose lives he changed.

Focussing especially on God’s unconditional love

Making our own unique commitment to Christ.


  • Finding our way around the Bible

      What is the Bible? Where does it come from? What’s in it? And what’s in it for you?


  • The love of God in action

        Jesus meets ‘a woman with a past’. The encounter changes

         her life, giving her a new beginning.


  •  Jesus the way, the truth and the life

        Jesus meets an unpopular taxman. If Jesus is ‘the truth’ about God, what does this               encounter tell us about him?


  • Jesus the foot-washing servant

       The night before he died, Jesus washed the feet of his friends. He told them he was setting       them an example, of showing love in action. How can we best follow that example today?


  •  The cross of Jesus

        The death of Jesus shows us God identifying with the suffering of the world. It demonstrates God’s love, and reveals the cost to God of forgiving.


  • Following Jesus

       Jesus said ‘follow me’. Are you ready to respond?

Module 3: So What?

Developing a relationship with God; allowing Jesus to shape the way I live

  • Life Balance

  • Prayer

  • All you need is Love

  • Justice

  • Green issues

  • Money

  • Living without Doubt

  • Sharing my Faith

  • Belonging to your faith-family

  • Lifestyle

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