Photo by Dave Pearce

The 4 Chicks filmed on 14th May 2020

Peregrines on the tower.


We are very privileged

to host a pair of

Peregrines who have

been nesting on the

tower for several years.



Mr Dave Pearce of Gloucestershire Ornithological Group has produced this report which is very comprehensive  and contains many YouTube and Photo links. Latest report covers the last 7 years

    Latest Update                                           Last Seven Years


Peregrines had been seen occasionally for several years on the tower of Christ Church in Cheltenham. In 2009 I thought that they might have tried to breed. After the time when any young would have hatched and church members were about to be taken up to hold an event on the roof - Martin Chapman (who was responsible for the church fabric) and I went up to have a look. The birds had laid three eggs but these were distributed over the roof, which is flat but slightly domed so that the rain goes into gutters on two sides. The eggs had rolled away from each other and one was in the gutter. The birds needed some help to breed and so we proposed putting a nest box on the tower for the 2010 breeding season.

For more information and YouTube videos, as below please see the pdf file above.

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