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                                                                                     Playgroup Sessions 


                                                                                           During Free-play children can explore                                                                                                the equipment and activities available.

                                                                                           The staff create fun activities which the                                                                                              children can participate in if they                                                                                                          choose. This could cover maths, craft,                                                                                                  science, nature study and cooking. The                                                                                                children also have regular access to a                                                                                                  computer and are able to use a wide                                                                                                    range of educational programs.



The children have group activities which could be making music or singing, listening to stories, rhymes and poems and free play on wheeled vehicles including Bikes, trikes, cars or scooters.

We have focused activities covering all the learning and development areas within the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Weather permitting, activities take place in the small courtyard garden.


We also welcome visits from Road Safety Officers, health professionals, vets and CSPOs during the academic year.

As part of our group sessions the children are introduced to Letters and Sounds phase one and phonics, this is to enable them to learn skill to encourage letter recognition, writing and reading.

Regular topics include colours, nursery rhymes, mini-beasts, ‘people who help us’, planting and growing and celebrating changing seasons and festivals from Christian and other faiths. Other topics arise from following the different cultures and interests of our current children.

We take the children on short walks whenever possible, this may be to the park, train station, supermarket or just around the area surrounding playgroup to look at nature, exploring the world around us.

We have an annual outing for the whole family, this normal happens in June.

We have been to Cattle Country, Cotswold Wildlife Park plus many others. We aim to visit a new location each year.

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