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Christ Church World Mission Committee

We aim to spread the message of God’s love by supporting missions at home and abroad.  Primarily we support our two mission partners to carry out their vital work.  In the past we have supported up to four mission partners but recently, due to the reduction in the money available to us, we have not replaced mission partners as they have come to the end of their missions.

Jos Downey, Mission Without Borders – Joss visited us in October 2018.  He described how the money given to MWB makes a difference in the poorest area of Europe.  After the break up of the Soviet Union the Russians removed all the industrial infrastructure and took everything of value, leaving several Eastern block countries destitute – Moldova in particular.  MWB is supporting families – one of their most important missions is to help fight the causes of people trafficking and the exploitation of vulnerable young girls. 

MWB runs an annual programme called Operation Christmas Love, OCL, which comprises delivering vitally needed food and supply packages to poor and vulnerable families. In 2019 we decided to donate the money raised by the Giant Christmas Card to this cause.  We are hoping Jos will be able to visit us again this year to update us personally on all the work MWB are involved with.

Wendy, Matilda Project – Zimbabwe– Working with orphans of HIVAIDS.  11 villages now have support groups set up supporting 216 members.  A nutritious porridge breakfast is provided to school children – they mix it with a kind of peanut butter to boost its effectiveness.  There are problems with crime and spiralling inflation making the work of the Matilda Project very challenging and at times very risky.  Prayers are desperately needed for the protection of the Matilda Project operatives, the health of the children and those who are caring for them.  Again we are hoping we can welcome Wendy back to Christ Church during 2020.


The 2019 allocation was made up from £2,000 carried forward from last year’s budget, 5% of Christ Church’s collections income (2019) as well as the profits from the 2019 summer fete totalling £10,000.

Mission Without Borders  Moldova


Matilda Project  Zimbabwe.  Please see the latest news from the Matilda project here


CAP Cheltenham


The Rock Cheltenham Youth


Christian Aid   Middle East Refugees


A Rocha UK  Environmental


Prison Action & Care Trust   Supporting prisoners and their families


Winstons Wish    Support for grieving children in UK


Maggies    Support for Cancer sufferers and their families


Gloucester Action for Refugees & Asylum Seekers  Support for refugees and asylum seekers in our region


Listening Post  Cheltenham Mental Health Support


Hesters Way   Cheltenham family crisis support


Open Door   Cheltenham Homeless


TIC    Mental Health Support for teenagers


Mindsong   Support for Dementia Sufferers



Helping the poor and needy of Cheltenham


James Hopkins Trust    Supporting families with a child with a life limiting condition


Sue Ryder  Hospice care


Street Pastors   Community



  • ​Cheltenham Christian Arts Festival provides an opportunity for the town’s churches and wider community to come together in celebration of our artistic Christian heritage through contemporary and traditional arts, and to share the excitement of creative

        expression. During the Festival and throughout the year, events and workshops

        across Cheltenham offer film, music, visual arts, drama, literature, song, etc. for

        all ages. We want to reflect the wonderful creativity of the God in whose image

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  • We also have several members involved with the Cheltenham Prayer for School

        Network which we also support. 



Chair of World Mission

Mandy Whitefield

Christ Church

Christ Church,

Malvern Road,


GL50 2JH

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